Welcome to Beads on the Ave!

Welcome to Beads on the Ave, Home of the Bead Doctors! We are Delray Beach's premiere beading destination! Nestled in the heart of Pineapple Grove, Delray's Arts District, Beads on the Ave offers classes and materials for all levels of beaders. Dr. Tonia will guide you to pick the perfect materials out of our huge stock of semi-precious and precious stones, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, and more!

So what makes us different from your run of the mill bead stores?

First, we have an open door policy. We welcome you to bring your projects and pull up a chair in our bead room and just hang out (calling for space availability is suggested, but not necessary). We have weekly Bead & Bitch nights as well where we welcome wine & food, and we make a night of it!

Secondly, our class policies are relaxed and easy to work with. Here at Beads on the Ave, we are just as comfortable teaching for one person as we are for 30, and we've done plenty of both! We will not cancel your class because we have less than a certain amount of people. You are welcome to bring your own materials for any non-discounted class. And of course, you can always retake a class for free if you need a refresher!

What makes us different? We are bringing fun back to beading.
Stop by Beads on the Ave today to see how much fun beading can really be.

We are also home to the Never Ending Necklace!!!

Come and see over 3000' of this inspirational necklace! "A String of Love and Peace Going Around the World!"

Never Ending Necklace

Come Bead and Bitch with the Bead Doctor!

Every Tuesday night from 5pm - 8pm.

Bring your favorite project and work on it with a group of like minded individuals!! As always, this event is FREE!!! We provide your workspace, some drinks, and some snacks....where else can you have a fun, FREE night out with your friends???